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 v4.0, 06/05/2018


 v3.3, 03/04/2016



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If you have originally bought a UNIVERSE BIOS from here and have a UNIVERSE BIOS serial number you are entitled to a free upgrade to newer versions. Unfortunately I am no longer upgrading Universe Bios via the normal postal route. If you access to, or own your own EPROM programmer however I may be able to email your personal upgrade to you.
To start the process send me an email to the address below. In the email include a photo of your UNIVERSE BIOS chip, let me know its serial number and also include a dump reading it as a 27C1024 device (if CD version read as 27C400). Do not zip anything as your email will bounce and I will not receive it.
Do not upgrade (erase & overwrite) your official UNIVERSE BIOS using the free version available in the download section. Doing so will void your right to upgrade, If you wish to use the free version simply program it onto a seperate EPROM.
SNK Forever