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 v4.0, 06/05/2018


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If you have originally bought a UNIVERSE BIOS from here and have a UNIVERSE BIOS serial number you are entitled to a free upgrade to newer versions at any time.
If your Universe Bios is original (you purchased if from, you simply need to return your Universe Bios to us and pay 5 euro to cover the return shipping. There is no need to return your user manual. To start the process simply email us using the email address below. Be sure to include your Universe Bios serial number in your email and alao picture of your Universe Bios chip.
If you are unsure if your Universe Bios is original or not (because it was included in a system you purchased for example) we can check it for you. We will need the Universe Bios serial number which shows on the splash screen in later versions. In earlier versions it can be written on the bottom of the Universe Bios chip. Also, a picture of the Universe Bios chip and as much information as possible as to where you obtained it. Please use the email below.
If you have a UNIVERSE BIOS that is not an original (bought seperately and not from, we may still upgrade it for you at our discretion. However, there will be a charge of 26 euro. This will get you upgraded and give you an official unique serial number, you will also be entitled to any future ugrades for free. To start the process simply email us using the email link below, please include a photo of the chip.
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