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v3.3, 03/04/2016
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PC-2-NEO Interface
As of version 3.0 of the Universe Bios it is possible to transfer information to and from your NeoGeo using a cable providing your NeoGeo has the 2up joystick port. There are two PC-2-NEO specifications, a fast USB version and the older parallel port version.
PC-2-NEO USB version
Due to the complexity of the USB version of PC-2-NEO you cannot build it yourself. Instead you can email Mike Wolak directly to obtain one.
03/04/16 - PC-2-NEO GUI v3.5 for Windows
A new version of the PC-2-NEO GUI software has been released today. For a list of whats new and changes in the latest version see here.
Download PC-2-NEO USB v3.5 Software (for unibios3.3 CD/MVS/AES)
Download PC-2-NEO Windows Driver (for all USB PC-2-NEO versions)

Older USB versions below

Download PC-2-NEO USB v3.4a Software (for unibios3.2 CD/MVS/AES)
Download PC-2-NEO USB v2.2 Software (for unibios3.2 CD/MVS/AES)

This version of PC-2-NEO will not work on CD systems, see the USB version above.
You will simply need to build the cable as shown in this diagram. One end plugs into the PC's parallel port (0x378) and the other into the NeoGeo's 2up joystick port.
PC-2-NEO cable diagram
Click Image for full size version.

Once you have built the cable run the PC software (download link below) and test the lines of the cable. You do this by putting the NeoGeo side into the cable test mode and then pulsing the two output lines (0 and 1) on the PC software. If the lines are good you will see the two lines pulse on the NeoGeo side. Do the same on the NeoGeo side using the joystick buttons and confirm the PC side acknowledges the lines pulsing. Fix any problems before trying to use the cable properly, note that the PC's Parallel port should be set to address 0x378.
Download PC-2-NEO v1.2 Software (for unibios3.1 and above MVS/AES)
Download PC-2-NEO v1.1 Software (for unibios3.1 and above MVS/AES)
Download PC-2-NEO v1.0 Software (for unibios3.0 only MVS/AES)


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