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KNOWN ISSUES (as of version 4.0)
Here is a list of current known issues of the UNIVERSE BIOS (This list is updated on a as known bases). Remember that cheats can cause adverse game effects so please try disabling them before reporting a problem with the UNIVERSE BIOS.
  • There are problems in console mode with some games when trying to use the coin switches as select buttons (pressing a coin switch won't pause a game). This is due to games accessing the ports directly and not via the BIOS. Games affected include;
    3 Count BoutMetal Slug 3Strikers 1945 Plus
    Andro DunosMetal Slug 4Super Dodge Ball
    Art of Fighting 2Metal Slug 5Temco World Soccer
    Art of Fighting 3Money Puzz ExchngrThe Last Blade
    GanryuRage of the DragonsThe Last Blade 2
    Magical Drop 3SengokuThe Super Spy
    MatrimeleeSengoku 2Voltage Fighter
    Metal Slug 2Sengoku 3
    Metal Slug XSpin Master

    As a work around you can use JAMMA pins '26' and 'd' as player 1 & 2 select buttons. You can also link JAMMA pins '26' to '16' by soldering a wire from one to the other. Doing this will make 'coin 1' also 'select' when used (link pins 'd' to 'T' for player 2). *** DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK ***
  • On 4 or 6 Slot hardware fonts will be missing in the UNIVERSE BIOS menus and splash screen if you have the game King of Fighters 2003 in SLOT 1. To fix this simply place a different game into SLOT 1 and KOF2003 into any other spare slot.
  • If you use the B+C+D button code to enter Test Mode right after putting a new game that hasn't already run in the system or after a BackupRAM erase, its entry in the SoftDIP screen will be currupted. You need to let games boot up at least once first so they can set up their SoftDIPs in the BackupRAM correctly.
  • When in console mode some games may not use the correct language even though the system is running in the correct region. This situation will happen if the region is changed after the game in question has data already stored in the backup SRAM. Games affected can have the language set manually by going into the games options (most require you to experience 'GAME OVER' before the new settings are permanently saved).
  • Later games in the Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown series (MS X,3,4,5 and SS 4,5,5Sp) may not work correctly in console mode until after you have set up the game settings and controller config in the options menu (after starting a game). This problem is due to the games not setting up the initial backup ram data correctly for console mode if the game is first run on the system while it is in ARCADE mode (you must experience a 'GAME OVER' before the new settings are permanently saved).
  • The text font sometimes changes in the gamecart check, jukebox and in game menu. This is a hardware limitation to get correct functionality.
  • The in game menu may have see-through areas when the game being played is the MVS version of King of Fighters 2003
  • On Multislot hardware sound is missing if no game in SLOT 1 (bug introduced in v4).

  • Using the in game menu can cause bad colors on parts of the game area still visible (once the menu is closed colors will be fixed). There is no possible fix for this issue.
  • Accessing the in game menu will not pause game music. This causes music to go out of sync with graphics during a timed sound to graphics piece (like in many attract mode sequences). There is no possible fix for this issue.
  • Not all cheats have been tested so it's quite likely some may not work. As I become aware of these I will try and fix them.
  • When in Japan or USA region some Soft DIP settings of certain games may be wrong or have no effect (language DIPs for example). This is because we force Soft DIP's to always show as the EURO region.

  • There are no attract mode sounds for many games when running in MVS mode. This is because they read the demo sound soft dip from the backup SRAM which the AES doesn't have (this problem exists on the DEBUG bios also).
  • Some early games like Nam 1975 for example will have corrupted 'How to Play' screens when in arcade mode. This is because the AES does not have the needed character font built in that the MVS has.
  • When in USA arcade mode games will have a corrupted 'Winners don't use Drugs' screen. This is because the AES does not have the needed character font built in that the MVS has.

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