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Here is some of the feedback I have recieved over the years from NeoGeo owners who use the UNIVERSE BIOS on their hardware. Please feel free to read through if you unsure wether to buy the UNIVERSE BIOS or not.
Todd Bundy

I received the BIOS and it rocks! Thanks! =)

From: NeoD

Got the Chip today oh my god it rules all!! =D, people with MVS's need this bios!!

From: Shaun Bradley

This, sir is a feat of engineering, being a console dever meself (dc/gba, I love what you've done. Had no problems fitting it and it works fine in my MV-1A.

From: Hayden Fallek

Just to let you know, I got my Universe Bios in the mail today and it's great! I'm using it on an MVS-1FZ, and it works with absolutely no problems.

From: TD741

Everything works beautifully. I don't know how I lived without it and it has a proper memory card manager too! :)

From: kafuin_gaira

It came in the mail this afternoon :) Very impressed and satisfied with the unibios. I'm recommending this to several friends who are also mvs owners. Thanks very much for a great contribution to the neo geo community!

From: ChainSaw YaK

Hey man. Yeah, I got the BIOS a few days ago and I got it all installed and everything works great. Thanks for providing such an awesome product!

From: Lucian Goff

Got the bios a while ago. I haven't had any problems installing it or using it at all. It works perfectly. Cool to have stuff like training and vs. mode for fighting games on MVS!

From: Adam Gallant

It's a wonderful thing and being able to use my MVS games in AES console mode is wonderful. I would recommend this bios to all MVS users everywhere and you can quote me on that!

From: Daniel Kelly

Hi i recieved the bios!, wow very fast shipping!, thank you it works perfectly!

From: Alan Walton

Not had a chance to play around with my new Bios until tonight and What can I say, This is the Coolest Thing I have bought for ages, Cheers Bud your a Real Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: DanAdamKOF

OH MY GOD, Raz... forget my cabinet, the KOFs, Last Blade 2, Metal Slug, the Supergun I built... for 26 Euros, this is the best buy for the Neo I've ever made! I am almost overwhelmed with how much there is to set up... there's only so much that you can do with a standard BIOS but now I'm doing stuff that only homecart owners could do before, playing as bosses and having infinite everything, but also stuff like survival modes, Japanese voices in Magical Drop 3 (something I've wanted to hear for a LONG time!), and of course the essential practice mode. Also it's wonderful to have a means of pausing since (like I said before) I previously messed up my Dipsw. 8. And the splash screen, with your settings and "SNK forever" on it... that, my friend, is the icing on the cake. Whoever said that this "_makes_ the MVS" was correct, this chip will make my Neo see much more play than before (bad news for my mother though :D).
There's nobody who should be without this BIOS (well except for CD and Pocket system owners :). Raz you have done the impossible and squeezed more life out of the Neo than I've ever gotten (and I play it a LOT!). I just keep gushing like a little girl, this tiny wonder is incredible. Razoola, thank you for everything you've done for the Neo community and myself.

From: Phil Shaw

Just to let you know that I received my universal NEO-GEO BIOS this morning 3 day after I ordered it (WOW that was super Fast delivery to the UK). Everything works beautifully. I don't know how I lived without it. I must say that it is excellent, much better than the standard NEO-GEO Bios. I'm Using it with a MVS-1F and it works with absolutely no problems. This bios is a must for anyone with a MVS System.

From: Adam Puluqi

I received the bios and it shipped to me very fast. The Universe Bios is the best. I am so happy with every aspect of this fine work of art. This bios definitely enhances the enjoyment I get out of my mvs 4 slot system. I thank you so much for the hard, time consuming work you put into the Universe Bios v2.0. Thank you for the quality of your product and the pleasure of doing business with you.

From: Octavio Cueto

AMAZING! everything's working PERFECT!!! my neo geo has travel to time, from the 90's to the 2000's jejejeje. Thank you very much!

From: Harvey Wedgbury

Got my Bios 2 days after ordering, fantastic! Within 10 minutes I had it installed on my MVS and I havn't looked back. Finally I can enjoy English and Console mode in my Candy Cab. Easy to install and easy to use, stop reading this and BUY ONE!!!

From: billd420

I just wanted to thank you for creating such an awesome tool for the NeoGeo. I finally got my supergun up and going this evening and I was blown away at how amazing the unibios is. Everything works as promised and is very easy to use. There isn't a feature that I can possibly think of that isn't available. So far in my supergun project the Unibios was the best investment.

From: Daz

I now have an AES and an arcade machine all rolled into one perfectly engineered and user friendly package! I read on your feedback page that somebody said it was the best 26 Euro he has ever spent on his Neo, and I could not agree more! Incredible!
Anyone with an AES or MVS should have a Universe Bios installed without question.

From: James C

No Neo-Geo owner should be without this brilliant product. I see why everyone in the community calls it an essential must-have. It certainly lives up to its reputation. Thanks for making this great product a reality.

From: Derek Ferron

Hey there! I just got Universe BIOS 3.0 installed in my Japanese Neo Geo AES recently and I must say I'm really impressed with what you did here! I mainly got it so my games would be in English and for the sound test, but I ended up using it for so much more! It's unbelievable what you can do with access to difficulty levels unreachable through console mode and more diverse timer/gameplay settings, it's only made my Neo Geo experience ractically unlimited! Thanks for the time to do this man! Great product you got here and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a Neo Geo!

From: Eduardo Nakamura

Excellent seller. Fast shipping. Great communication. I am very pleased. Highly recommended to all! Hugs from Brazil.

From: Seb

A new bios for my MV-1FZ slot, works perfectly, thanx Razoola!

SNK Forever