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The price of the UNIVERSE BIOS is thirty two euro, payment methods accepted are PAYPAL (credit cards accepted) or CASH. For this price you will receive the following;
  • An original UNIVERSE BIOS on EPROM.
  • An instruction manual explaining how to install and use.
  • Option to have the UNIVERSE BIOS serial number matched to your MVS or AES serial number. This serial nmber is displayed on the splash screen at start up.
  • A cheap upgrade option to future versions. Return your UNIVERSE BIOS to us with five euro to cover the return shipping of the upgraded chip.
  • Shipping cost is included in the thirty two euro price (Priority AirMail, no tracking).
If you would like a tracking number you must email me ( before ordering to arrange it. There is an extra cost for registered mail which is currently 11 euro.
Installing on the MV-1B and MV-1C can be made easier by using a NeoBiosMasta.
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Note, be sure to understand the install instructions for your hardware before ordering. Information on this can be found on the requirments page.
The serial number field is only required if you wish your UNIVERSE BIOS serial number (displayed on splash screen) to match your NeoGeo's serial number. Serial numbers normally contain six to eight digits, on AES and CD systems it's found on the base of the casing. On MVS systems it can be printed onto the PCB or found on a sticker (near the JAMMA connector). In many cases the sticker may be missing.
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NeoGeo serial number:  (read paragraph above)

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