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Frequently Asked Questions (MVS / AES)
Q: What NeoGeo Hardware do I need?
A: The UNIVERSE BIOS is designed for MVS hardware (SLOT1 and MULTISLOT) and AES hardware. However it is harder to install on some systems than others (see the Requirements page for more details).
Q: If I'm using a MVS board with the built-in controller ports, can I pause the game when in HOME mode using the SELECT button on the joysticks?
A: Yes. When in ARCADE mode this SELECT button will insert coins also as long as your not running on MULTISLOT hardware with more than one game in.
Q: Why am I unable to change game on my multislot with the UNIVERSE BIOS?
A: This is because the UNIVERSE BIOS resets all your SoftDIP settings to ensure correct compatability. Simply go into the Cabinet softDIP settings (in test mode) and set the 'game select' SoftDIP to either 'free' or 'anytime' and you will be able to swap games as before.
Q: When I press start in arcade mode the game starts when no credits are in?
A: You probbably have the MVS set to FREEPLAY via the hard dips. The UNIVERSE BIOS removes the need for FREEPLAY as you can use the select buttons to get credits.
Q: Why does the font change in the jukebox and crc check for some games?
A: MVS hardware requires the use of the games 8x8 tiles (font) to get access to the games music. If the games 8x8 tile font is different then the font you see will also be different.
Q: Why is the font in the in game menu different in some games?
A: Basically for the same reason as the question above.
Frequently Asked Questions (CD)
Q: Why does the CD version not have all the feaures of the MVS/AES version?
A: The CD version is in its infancy so new features will be added in future versions.

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